4 Quick Ballet Buns

Hi! Today I’m here with 4 quick and easy ballet-inspired hair bun pictorials. Buns are quick and easy hairstyles that make it look like you’ve put in a lot of effort, and since I have long thick hair that can be really unmanageable I cheat and wear buns a lot! For all 4 of these buns I’d recommend second (or third.. or fourth..) day hair – basically just not super clean hair since freshly washed hair tends to be more slippery and have less of a hold.  The only supplies you’ll need for any of these are: a few elastics, bobby pins, a hair brush, and hairspray!

Buns Final




This is a bun that I wear most days at home – it keeps my hair from getting in the way when I’m lazy about. I’ll also wear this if I’m just doing errands or running to the store. I wouldn’t wear this out all day as it’s not that secure.


Step 1: Start off with freshly brushed hair. This is what my hair looks like when I haven’t washed it for *cough*four*cough* days. Make sure it’s tangle free and apply any products (mousse, oils) that you would normally apply at this step.


Step 2: Gather all your hair on top of your head like you’re going to make a ponytail, but don’t put your elastic around it.


Step 3: Keeping one hand acting as the ‘elastic’ at the base of your head, use your other hand to wrap your hair around the base.


Step 4: Using one hand to keep the bun in place use your other hand to slip the elastic over. I loop the elastic around the base of my bun three times.


And that’s it! 



Please ignore the grotesquely long name, but honestly it’s just exactly what this bun is. Woke up late but need a cute hairstyle? This bun has got your back! It’s quick, cute, and stays put all day!


Step 1: Gather your hair into a high ponytail and pull and taught as you prefer (I like my really tight to start with).


Step 2: Take all in the hair in your pony and twist it.  Don’t do this too tightly or you’ll get a really small bun – just do it tight enough that all your hair is encased.


Step 3: While holding the end of your twist wrap your hair around the base of where your ponytail sits on the top of your head. My hair wraps around 3 to 4 times but this will depend on the length of your hair.



Steps 4,5: Tuck your end pieces underneath the bun so they sit closer to where your ponytail elastic is. Hold the top of your bun with one hand and wrap a new elastic around the whole thing (I wrap mine twice). This new elastic should sit almost on top of your first ponytail elastic.


Optional: Pull the bun at random spots to make it a little ‘fluffier’. You can also pull out any baby hairs or face-framing pieces of hair that you may have to make it a more relaxed look!



This is a classic pretty bun and one that will make people think you spent WAY longer on your hair than you actually did! It’s the perfect super-girly bun for wearing with pretty summer dresses and the best part is that it takes less than five minutes!


Step #1: Put your hair into a high pony and split your ponytail into two sections.                IMG_1628IMG_1630

Step #2: Take one section and braid it using a regular three-strand braid and secure the end with a small elastic. Take the other section and twist it similar to the way we made Bun # 2.


Step #3: Take the twisted section and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Make this as big and full as you can, since this acts as the “guts” of the bun. Secure in place with bobby pins.


Step #4: Take your braided section and pull it apart gently with your fingers. This can be done to personal preference – it just depends on how big you want your bun to be in the end! Once you’re done pulling it apart remove the elastic on the end.


Step #5: Now this is the secret that makes your bun nice and full: wrap the braided section around the twisted section the opposite way.  So if you wrapped the twist clockwise, wrap the braid around the twist counter-clockwise. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray if needed!




This bun is a little bit of a cheat – it is essentially the same as Bun # 2 but instead of pulling it apart I am going to be making it nice and sleek looking.  This is a very versatile bun that you can wear for any occasion.  It can easily be worn for a night out if you just can’t be bothered to wash your hair but want to look sleek and put together – and it’s a great way to wear low back or strapless tops without your hair getting in the way!


Step #1: Put your hair into a high pony and brush through really well.


Step #2: Completely twist your ponytail. Unlike Bun #2 I’m going to twist this as tight as I can without it kinking up on itself. If you have dead ends or frizzy ends like I do apply hairspray to them and smooth them down using your fingers.


Step #3: Repeat steps 3-5 for Bun # 2. Twist your ponytail around the base and secure with an elastic.

              IMG_1663 IMG_1665

Step #4: Tame any fly-aways or frizzy hair you have using hairspray and a (CLEAN) toothbrush. You can either spray the hairspray on your hair or directly on the tooth brush. Then take the toothbrush to smooth the hairs back.


Step #5: To deal with all the short little (evil) hairs at the nape of my neck I spray them with hairspray then twist them together and bobby pin them up towards the bun. Add one final coat of hairspray and you’re done!


I hope these were informative and useful bun tutorials. If you follow my tutorials feel free to tag me in your photos with your results!  Please leave any comments with any questions! Have a lovely day! xx

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